Craig Harman – Head of Product

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Welcome to my page I’m Craig Harman, currently Head of Product at Catena Media.

I started my journey with Catena Media in 2017. Before Catena, I enjoyed almost 6 years at an IT reseller called CDW.

Since arriving at Catena, I begin throwing myself into everything! I found myself in product and I absolutely love it, there is something about getting into our user’s minds and trying to give them exactly what they want/need. 

But tell me more about Craig Harman I hear you say….. Well, I live in the UK with my beautiful daughter and partner. Currently still within lockdown which means our regular visits to Legoland, Peppa Pig World and CBeebies Land. As you can tell when I am not working I will spend my time entertaining my 4-year-old. 

Lockdown has been a tough one mostly due to the homeschooling trying to jump on 2 calls a day with the school around meetings and work has been nuts! 




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